Did you know…

…that over a third of what gets thrown away in Victoria ends up in landfill? Or that the waste we generate over the next 20 years could increase by almost 70%? That equates to an extra 2.9 million tonnes of landfill on top of the 4 million we already send there every year.*

*Source: State-wide Waste and Resource Recovery Infrastructure Plan Victoria 2015-2044

Victorians need better ways to manage our waste

Australian-owned and Melbourne based company, Great Southern Waste Technologies (GSWT), has a solution. It’s a process called ‘waste to energy’ (WtE).

WtE offers proven social, economic and environmental benefits by diverting residual waste* (red bin waste) from landfill and generating electricity for households and businesses at the same time. It has been used successfully by hundreds of facilities in Europe for many years.

To put this in perspective, WtE facilities can reduce the residual waste we send to landfill by at least 80%, with the potential to reduce it to zero over time. The process also offers significant opportunities to recover resources that can be used to make new products.

WtE has been used by Australian industry for 20 years but has never been available to local councils for household waste – until now.

After years of research, GSWT has found a world-class WtE solution. We now hold exclusive Australian rights to the Norwegian WtE technology owned by Energos. Read more about this global best-practice technology here.

The Energos WtE technology will be developed at our new 100,000 tonne WtE processing facility in Dandenong South. GSWT’s facility delivers a localised, modular and highly flexible solution for collecting municipal solid waste (MSW), and commercial and industrial (C&I) waste across Melbourne.

Power to the people

Our WtE facility will generate approximately 7.9MW of baseload electricity to be fed into the grid – enough power for about 7,000 homes – and will divert MSW and C&I waste from landfill.

Reducing greenhouse gases

The facility will deliver a greenhouse gas emission net benefit of 142,800 tonnes of carbon dioxide equivalent (tCO2e) per year by diverting 85,000 tonnes of MSW and 15,000 tonnes of C&I waste from landfill. Useful products recovered from the facility may also lead to further reductions in greenhouse gas emissions.

Addressing a national challenge

In Australia over 21 million tonnes of waste is sent to landfill each year, losing the embodied energy of the waste while increasing greenhouse gas emissions through methane and carbon dioxide generation along with a range of other greenhouse gases.

GSWT’s facility is an exciting step towards resolving this national issue.

Our facility is designed to operate at a municipal level and be easily replicated in other locations around the country. At any scale, WtE is vastly superior to the socially, economically, and environmentally unsound way we currently manage a large proportion of our waste.

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