Who We Are

Who We Are

GSWT is an industry leader
that generates positive
and lasting change.

We are committed to delivering social, economic and environmental benefits by achieving better waste management outcomes for Melbourne.

GSWT firmly believes that our communities deserve a waste management solution that reduces the impacts associated with landfill. They deserve a solution that has been proven in Europe for generations and proven in industry here at home for decades.

As Melbourne’s population increases, so does the amount of waste we produce.

According to the Victorian Government’s State-wide Waste and Resource Recovery Infrastructure Plan Victoria 2015-2044, by 2043 the amount of waste we generate could increase by almost 70%. That equates to a total of 20.6 million tonnes and an extra 2.9 million tonnes in landfill every year.

Population pressure will put increasing demands on all kinds of other essential infrastructure like power generation. This is where WtE comes into its own.

WtE recovers baseload electricity from waste and enables it to be exported to the grid as baseload power that can then be available to both commercial and residential customers. Capturing energy that would otherwise be embedded in landfilled waste makes this process partially renewable. It is also far more sustainable than conventional waste management processes, reduces greenhouse gas emissions and mitigates environmental degradation associated with landfilling.

At GSWT, we’ve put 5 years of research to find the right waste management technology that reduces rather than adds to Melbourne’s problems. WtE technology offers cornerstone solutions to three of the biggest challenges facing our rapidly growing city – sustainable waste management, energy generation and resource recovery.

We are taking action now because we need forward-thinking organisations to take the lead on implementing solutions that will benefit all Victorians, today and in future.

An important part of what we do involves helping people understand how WtE works and why it is so much better for their quality of life than landfill. This is why a visitor and education centre will be incorporated into our Dandenong South facility when it is complete.

Our executive team

GSWT has the right skills, expertise and culture to deliver this positive waste management solution for Melbourne councils, businesses and households.

Our executive team brings more than 80 years combined industry experience to the project, including Waste to Energy, major waste and recycling facilities construction and management expertise, plus management and operational experience in sectors including manufacturing, retail, electrical, telecommunications and energy.

Bill Keating
Cheif Operating Officer

Stuart Gilbert
Executive General Manager

Denis James
Head of Technical Operations

Roger Savannah
Head of Strategy and Business Development