Our facility will help transform the way waste is managed in Melbourne

When complete, the GSWT WtE facility at 70 Ordish Road in Dandenong South will receive about 100,000 tonnes of MSW and C&I residual waste a year from southeast Melbourne.

Generating electricity for local neighbourhoods

Instead of this waste going to landfill, we will use it to generate approximately 7.9MW of baseload electricity to be fed into the grid and used to power about 7,000 homes and businesses in the area.

A local solution for local waste

The GSWT facility will be one of a suite of solutions that will help local councils, communities and businesses contribute to reducing the amount of waste sent to landfill. By sourcing waste collected by local and neighbouring councils, our facility will provide a local solution to a local issue.

How it will work

Due to the local nature of the facility, the waste will be delivered by the relevant waste collection vehicle directly to the site thus avoiding the need for waste to be ‘double handled’ through a transfer station. As waste is received it will be processed, with limited stockpiling on-site. The automated process of converting the waste into electricity will result in a residual ‘bottom ash’ product, which may then be sold for use in road construction materials, such bitumen.

Governance and compliance

After five years of global research, GSWT has committed to operating the proven WtE technology developed and delivered successfully in Europe by Norwegian company, Energos. GSWT will meet all mandatory and voluntary compliance assessments to ensure our facility provides improved social, economic and environmental outcomes in waste management for Melbourne.

The right central location

The proposed 1.27 hectare site for our facility is an existing industrial area identified by the Victorian Government as a waste and resource recovery hub of state importance, with surrounding industrial land uses including other waste handling facilities.

Engaging with everyone who is interested

GSWT has made considerable effort to engage with diverse stakeholder groups during the development of the works approval application for our facility. This includes the local community and councils, the state government and industry regulators. It is of great importance to us that we continue to connect with everyone who is interested in our facility, our company and how the WtE process will benefit Melbourne. We encourage you to get in touch so we can share our knowledge and experience with you directly.